How a Corporate Leadership Program Can Help You Create a Mission-Oriented Corporate Culture


Corporate Leadership Development Can Help You Build the Company You Want

The human element in business is staggeringly complex and, with the rise of a new, autonomy-seeking generation of Millennials, the human element has never been more important. It is critical to have a corporate leadership program in place to decentralize decision-making which will foster a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and trust within the workplace.

Much like the turbulent environment that war creates, the complex world of business demands an ability to adapt that strains the capabilities of traditional command and centralized control bureaucracies. For this reason, there has never been a more appropriate time to decentralize decision making and develop cultures that support and empower informed initiative at the frontline by establishing a corporate leadership program.

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Large, bureaucratic organizations with managers who manage managers and more managers who manage employees merely add complexity to complexity. In such structures, it would be miraculous for agility, innovation, and excellence in execution to arise in a massively complex organization struggling to survive in a staggeringly complex and volatile market.

Organizational purpose and strategic intent become subsumed in a disconnected bureaucracy rather than connecting directly to the front line where the real action must take place. If the newest generation of professionals, who will often make up these front-line corporate action units, cannot see the intent or larger purpose behind their efforts, then how can they be motivated to execute flawlessly and with agility? With strong corporate leadership development and team building strategies, the leaders in the organization can share the purpose with every member of the company.

Focusing Your Team Building Strategies Around Success

Decentralizing decision-making and corporate leadership development give the diverse members of an organization a chance to provide multiple perspectives and inputs that drive action at the front line where innovation is most often bred. When team building strategies nurture this innovation, all actions will be centered around the success of the company.

Using decentralized processes like Flawless Execution builds engagement and buy-in from the whole team that ultimately nurtures loyalty, self-efficacy, job satisfaction, and decreased turnover. Decentralized, collaborative environments foster teamwork and ameliorate conflict between management and employees.

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Will Duke is Afterburner’s Director of Learning and Development. His duties include coordination of the development of intellectual property, training programs, and educational materials. He also serves as a consultant to process and continuous improvement management programs. With Co-author James “Murph” Murphy, he wrote the 2010 release “The Flawless Execution Field Manual. Duke currently serves as a senior Human Resources Officer in the in the U.S. Navy Reserve and has held numerous command and positions throughout his career.



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