How the Fighter Pilot Mindset Can Elevate Your Corporate Event


In an ideal world, your sales kickoff, executive leadership offsite, or other corporate event would be a source of excitement – and for companies who get it right, it is. But far too many business leaders dread these events. These leaders have been around the block enough to know that, all too often, corporate events suffer from one, if not both, of the following problems:

1. They’re dull

C-Suite leaders might be brilliant business minds. But they’re not always the most electric performers. As a result, what could, and should, be a high-energy keynote instead ends up a dull slide presentation. Rather than getting pumped to execute on your objectives, your team spends the event counting down the minutes until lunchtime.

2. They don’t lead anywhere

During team events, leaders often do a great job of outlining their company’s goals for the quarter or year, and the path toward attaining them. But the plans they make often fall by the wayside as employee turnover, fire drills, and other unexpected developments shake things up. In the weeks and months after the event, teams often end up losing the plot.

If your team has experienced either of these scenarios, it’s time to rethink your team events. The best place to start is by organizing your next corporate event around the Fighter Pilot mindset. Not only will this turn your event into a new and memorable experience for your team – it will empower your team to meet the biggest challenges facing businesses today head-on. Here’s how.

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How Afterburner Makes the Difference

You’ll elevate your planning skills

Like elite fighter squadrons, Afterburner emphasizes meticulous planning, ensuring clear objectives, accountability, and contingency measures. After all, circumstances change rapidly in business, just like they do in Fighter Pilot missions. Leveraging a Fighter Pilot-style planning framework will empower you to adapt to those changes as seamlessly as possible.

You’ll learn to execute under pressure

It’s amazing how many of the challenges Fighter Pilots face also arise, to some degree, in business settings. Both Fighter Pilots and business teams often face enormous pressure to achieve their goal in an extremely limited time frame. Both have to manage unforeseen complications and put out fires that emerge seemingly out of nowhere. And both have to handle these stressors without losing their cool or their momentum. 

The key difference? Fighter Pilots have rock-solid tools and protocols that they leverage to execute flawlessly in this environment. If you use your company event as an opportunity to teach and practice these protocols, you’ll learn to respond to this kind of pressure by accelerating your performance and meeting the moment.

You’ll stay focused amid distractions

In the fast-paced environment of a Fighter Pilot mission, pilots face constant decision-making amidst numerous competing factors. Similarly, businesses contend with a multitude of tasks and distractions, often struggling to maintain focus. Fighter Pilots tackle this challenge, known as task saturation, through techniques like task shedding and cross-checks. Incorporating these tools into company events allows teams to practice staying focused amidst chaos, ensuring readiness for dynamic situations and enhancing overall performance.

You’ll keep the energy level high

Fighter Pilots are a lot of things: leaders, teammates, problem-solvers. One thing they’re not is boring. Taking a Fighter Pilot approach to your next corporate event means upping the adrenaline in the room. Just as much as anything else, the Fighter Pilot mindset is about building excitement for, and commitment to, your mission, so you can start executing with passion, solidarity, and lots of results-focused energy. 

This is the difference between giving your team an experience they’ll quickly forget versus one they’ll take with them as they execute throughout the year. 

We are ready to take your next event to new heights

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