[Upcoming Webinar] 3 Tactics to Improve Your Sales Performance

Written by:
Joel "Thor" Neeb

[Upcoming Webinar] 3 Tactics to Improve Your Sales Performance

Date: Thursday, January 18

Time: 1:30 pm ET

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Mastering any craft takes multiple iterations of improving on previous performance – and sales is no different. In this webinar, Joel “Thor” Neeb shares the top 3 challenges our sales team clients face and gives you actionable next steps to improve sales performance.

Challenges We Will Cover

► Why you can and should go after your “White Whale” goals.
► How to maintain focus on the key strategic initiatives only.
► The way to finally break the cycle of “sprints” at the end of the quarter.

About the Speaker

Joel “Thor” Neeb

Joel “Thor” Neeb works with hundreds of sales professionals each month to steer over $1 billion in quota. Thor shares his unique insights on the challenges all sales professionals face and teaches you the fighter pilot-proven tactics to overcome them.