4 Tips for Improving Teamwork in the Workplace


Successful businesses are founded on the creation of a great idea – but a great idea is nothing without execution. In the world of business, multiple team members are needed to successfully turn an idea into reality. Without leveraging the power of teamwork in every area of your business, the innovation and execution required to keep your business relevant in the market are non-existent. Fortunately, improving teamwork in the workplace can be achieved by following these 4 simple tips.

1. Have a clear High-Definition Destination

Having every member of your team aligned on the bigger picture is vital to creating an environment that fosters high levels of teamwork. Your High-Definition Destination should paint a vivid picture of your business’ processes, values, and structure. The clarity that this brings will allow for clear expectations for the team’s work, goals, accountability, and outcomes.

2. Encourage open communication

No matter how talented each individual is, you will never have a successful team if they can’t communicate. Communication plays a huge role in business success. Communication doesn’t just mean you have a manager giving orders to everyone – it means you have an atmosphere of open, honest, and respectful expression. The best way to ensure that communication makes its way into your day-to-day processes is by debriefing. Debriefing allows for a nameless, rankless recap of projects, and is a good place to start for enhancing communication.

3. Promote the utilization of your resources

Your resources aren’t just money and products; they’re the people who hold your business together. Every employee, regardless of what department they work in or how long they’ve been with your company, has their own set of skills, strengths, and knowledge that can be valuable to others. By encouraging each person on your team to look at their peers as a valuable resource, they’ll begin to work together as a team to resolve issues, create new ideas, and even learn new skills.

4. Take part in team building activities

Believe it or not, there is often a learning curve to effective teamwork. Fortunately, all it takes to overcome this learning curve to create a high-performing team is some simple team building exercises. We’re not just talking about taking trips out of the office for a go-kart race or going to an escape room. We’re talking about experiential workshop that will teach your team how to ignite innovative conversation to drive stronger collaboration.

At Afterburner, we know just how important teamwork is to the success of a business. Our corporate team building workshops are designed to help your team learn to drive accountable action, leverage open planning, and collaboratively mix ideas and processes to cultivate entirely new points of view. Ready to get your team aligned toward success? Get in touch with us today!