[Podcast] Leading Corporate Transformations with Sujith Abraham


Leading Corporate Transformations with Sujith Abraham

Duration 43:23

The market is moving faster than ever before, and that requires corporate teams to constantly evolve to keep up.

It’s human nature to resist change; even change that is positive and desperately needed. So how do you overcome this challenge as the leader?

Our guest, Sujith Abraham, Group VP at Oracle, shares his experience leading transformations, initially in the automotive industry, and now at the tip of the innovation spear in technology with Oracle.

Sujith successfully grew the Oracle sales organization by 1,000 new reps. From the start of this initiative, his objective was to hire and onboard new team members that would grow and be successful in their own careers at Oracle.

Learn more about Sujith’s success and the importance of leadership alignment and buy-in from the existing team.