How FLEX Accelerates Organizational Alignment and DevOps Transformation


Organizational Alignment Propels Business Transformations

DevOps (short for development and operations) is a business-driven software development approach that uses a continuous feedback loop: Plan /Develop/ Deploy / Operate. This is remarkably in line with the FLEX cycle of Plan / Brief / Execute / Debrief and can contribute to your organizational alignment.

DevOps is based on Lean and Agile principles where business, development, operations, and quality assurance collaborate to deliver software in a continuous manner that empowers the business to react to threats and opportunities in the market.

Because DevOps improves the way business delivers value to its customers, stakeholders, and partners it is an essential business process, not just an IT capability. DevOps is not a goal unto itself but helps you reach the business goals.

A successful DevOps organization has a culture that is defined by a high degree of collaboration across roles and focuses on business objectives instead of departmental objectives. It fosters trust and values learning through experimentation. Building this culture is not like adopting a new development tool. It requires social engineering of teams and organizations each with their own predispositions, experiences, and biases.

Flawless Execution Refines Clear Messaging

The collaboration across organizational roles I observe is the high ground that must be won for successful DevOps transformations. This is the where the Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodology fits well as a simple to learn, lightweight, non-intrusive, iterative facilitation methodology that aligns business with technology. FLEX leverages simplicity and a common collaborative vocabulary that results in an authentic dialog.

Business and Technology organizational alignment is the foundation of DevOps success by providing clarity and purpose where all departments can work together for a common goal. The FLEX rapid planning process refines messaging, provides a clear starting point, and a high definition destination with an emphasis of bias for action.

Given these observations, it has been my experience that Afterburner’s Flawless Execution methodology organizational alignment tools applied within an enterprise can define and communicate key aligning messaging and in doing so be a combat multiplier in winning the DevOps transformation battle.