[Webinar] Flawlessly Improve Your Sales Execution Strategy


How to Flawlessly Improve Your Sales Execution Strategy

Volatility. Uncertainty. Complexity. Ambiguity. When you’re battling constant change, simplicity always beats complexity.

During this webinar, David “Finch” Guenthner walks through the elements of Flawless Execution and how they play a critical role in helping you achieve performance excellence at the individual, team, and organizational level. Finch is joined by Will Frattini, ZoomInfo, who shares his personal success stories using one aspect of Flawless Execution – the Red Team.

The Red Team breaks down the barriers that all diverse teams face — and accelerates results.


About the Speakers

David “Finch” Guenthner

David “Finch” Guenthner, a former F-16 pilot, has Flawlessly Executed 80 combat missions and was awarded 4 Air Medals for his actions. In addition to his service, Finch provides world-class consulting services to Fortune 500 companies across the globe, helping them connect strategy to execution to achieve individual and team success.

Will Frattini

Will Frattini has been at ZoomInfo since April 2015, and was quickly a top performer, and has the pleasure of leading his own team since 2017. Will specializes in helping ZoomInfo customers create more conversations with their target audiences.


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