Side Effects of Flawless Execution


Using Flawless Execution? Expect Major Side Effects

How is flawless execution defined?
A systematic approach to accomplishing missions.
What are the four stages in the Flawless Execution Journey?
A. Agile teams. B. Culture of execution C. Leadership development. D. Continuous improvements.

If you have been working with Flawless Execution and you read the above, you are going to be nodding yes in agreement. Flawless Execution absolutely is a systematic approach to accomplishing missions.

And if you have read Flawless Execution, attended an Afterburner event or checked out our webinars, you know all about the 4 Steps of the Flawless Cycle (Plan – Brief – Execute – Debrief)

What I love about these two questions and their answers is that they came to us from one of you.  One Tuesday, someone sent us a chat:

How is flawless execution defined?  A systematic approach to accomplishing missions. 

What are the four stages in the Flawless Execution Journey?  A. Agile teams. B. Culture of execution C. Leadership development. D. Continuous improvements.

This user’s comment had us all high-fiving at Afterburner HQ. It was exciting and energizing to have a customer connect the dots in such a simple, concise way.

Those of us who use Flawless Execution daily knew what he was saying – because we also know that in pursuing Flawless Execution our teams and organizations change. There are side effects. You won’t be able to stop your team from becoming more agile, developing leaders, becoming focused on execution and continuously improving. You just won’t.

Major Side Effects of using Flawless Execution: More Agile Teams

Agile team Building – In the last year we heard from customers telling us they needed to be more Agile; they needed to learn, adapt and execute much faster. The more they needed to be Agile, the more Flawless Execution helped. The more they used Flawless Execution, the more Agile they became.

Culture of Execution – At Afterburner, we align around our own Campaigns and Can’t-Fail Missions. We have our Weekly XGaps and I promise you, you do not want to come to one of our X-Gaps without executing your COA. Week after week, as you hold XGap after XGap after XGap, your team will begin to develop a Culture of Execution.

Leadership Development – When I think of leadership development, I think of the younger members of our team, our Millennials, who are hungry to be leaders and don’t really know what it means to be a leader in business. Flawless Execution works as a framework, teaching them how to get alignment (get buy-in even though they are possibly the least experienced person on the team), use a Red Team effectively (ask for help), work with a Champion (manage up) and mastering accountability – theirs and their teammates (get the respect they are seeking). Millennials are just a few of the team members who are hungry to improve their leadership ability. Our users include people at all stages of their professional development who are lifelong learners. One of the best side effects of the framework is that Flawless Execution is a leadership framework too.

Continuous Improvement – Continuous improvement becomes second nature to Flawless Execution teams. We never get to ‘who is going to do what’ until we have considered our Lessons Learned. We never end a Mission without Debriefing and looking at what could and should be improved as a team.

I hope you are having the same Side Effects. What other Side Effects are you getting with your Flawless Execution?


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