The Secrets to Making the Right Strategic Shifts During the COVID Crisis


Uncovering the Secrets to Your Success with the Virtual Debrief

Since the global pandemic started nearly two months ago, businesses have shuttered at the magnitude of disruption and uncertainty that exists. How are the most successful companies making the right strategic shifts to take advantage of the new opportunities and mitigate the new threats that are continually emerging from the COVID crisis?

The Afterburner team has been on the frontlines, working with some of the world’s largest and most agile companies to help them identify and implement these points for organizational pivots and prepare the right strategies for post-pandemic success.

Afterburner’s unique Virtual Debrief process is an essential first step in building your strategy for post-pandemic success. In less than 72 hours, leaders get the insights they need to make the big, bold, strategic shifts that are required during these times of extreme disruption and uncertainty. But don’t just take our word for it. You’ll hear input from real companies who’ve experienced the Afterburner Virtual Debrief process.

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In this Webinar:

This is your chance to hear what other companies are doing to shift their strategies to align with a post-pandemic course. Not only will you hear the collective benchmarks we’ve captured from dozens of companies with hundreds of responders, but you will also walk away with practical guidance on how to bring these secrets of success into your organization.

What can you expect:

► Compare what your organization has been doing against companies that have used the Virtual Debrief to make smart, strategic shifts.
► Recognize emerging opportunities and advantages that today’s markets are presenting.
► Learn how to identify the internal and external threats that are keeping you from success in a world impacted by the COVID crisis.

About the Speaker

Joel “Thor” Neeb

Thor is a former F-15 fighter pilot, a published author, the CEO of Afterburner, and a stage IV cancer survivor. Thor was a member of an elite team as a fighter pilot in the Air Force – one of the most elite teams in the world – and now serves as the leader of an elite team as the CEO of Afterburner. Afterburner is a team of former elite military that has been helping companies to lead through chaos for 24 years.