The Benefits of Red Teaming


Every mission is faced with its own unique sets of threats and challenges, and more often than not, there are a few blind spots in your plan that you’ve missed. As fighter pilots, we use the red team to hone our skills as pilots and to get better as a team. A red team is a group of people that are trained to find loopholes and inefficiencies in your plan that could cause the mission to fail. When it comes to strategic planning, you can use your own red team to vet your plans, surface any hidden vulnerabilities, and give your team confidence that they’re ready to succeed.

Why You Should be Red Teaming

Building a strategic business plan involves hours of thinking through the pros and cons, figuring out finances, and narrowing down which path with lead to success. As is with any planning process, you will inevitably come up against some challenges that, fortunately, can easily be resolved by red teaming.

Challenges to developing the ‘perfect’ strategic business plan:

  1. You haven’t considered all of the possible threats and obstacles to your plan due to bias toward action.
  2. You have looked over the plan so many times that you’re now stuck in analysis paralysis.

Benefits of Red Teaming

Everyone wants to put the best plan into action. By using a red team, you can get objective feedback from a non-biased group of people who are familiar with but not involved in creating the plan. Think of your red team as a set of eyes that are able to see what’s located in your blind spot. They could catch something you missed that would have impacted the outcome.

Benefits of leveraging a red team:

  1. It strengthens your plan by broadening your visibility
  2. It helps you get buy-in from team members, strategic partners, and even investors
  3. It’s a non-threatening review process that allows for a productive and collaborative environment

Competition in the business world is fierce, and it’s likely that your competitors are already looking into your plans and operations thinking about how they can defend their market share, counter your innovations, and stop your sales growth. But by leveraging red teaming, you can beat them to the punch, and ensure that all of your plans execute flawlessly.

Need help with figuring out how to bring red teaming into your organization? Reach out to us here. Our expert consultants will help your team learn the ins and outs of mission planning, how to improve situation awareness, and effective communication that’ll lead them toward success.