What If Your Teams Were Truly High Performing?

Written by:
Afterburner Team

Smart goals. Stretch goals. Strategic goals. They don’t amount to much if your teams don’t pull together to achieve them. 

When you have can’t-fail missions in front of you, the last thing you need is for your teams to work in silos, focus on unimportant tasks, and lack a sense of purpose in their work.

What if you could avoid all this? What if, instead of breaking under pressure, you could step into the rapidly changing world of a fighter pilot, meet complexity with simplicity, and become a truly high-performing team?


Our high-energy team building seminar provide the spark to ignite momentum. Here’s what to expect when the day of your seminar arrives:

Your team has gathered for the first meeting of the day. Without warning, Afterburner fighter pilots and Navy SEALS burst in. With megaphones and good-natured seriousness, our team takes over the meeting. What started as an unexceptional meeting has quickly become a high-energy session.

For the next 45 minutes, we teach your group about Flawless Execution – the same framework used by elite teams to succeed in high-stakes, volatile environments – and share how it can accelerate your team’s performance.

Just as the presentation is concluding, we alert your team that a competitive attack is underway. It’s up to them to plan and execute the response – right now! Following that warning, your teams are immersed in breakout sessions for an exciting, experiential simulation.

Within moments, each group must begin working as a team – and quickly move from planning the mission to execution. This is a perfect opportunity to apply the principles of the Flawless Execution framework they just learned. At the same time, we ensure the team is time pressured and task saturated, so they can simulate the challenges they face in their normal work environment.

The mission is not complete until the team conducts a Debrief. The Debrief ends the mission but is the start of continuous learning. They won’t just hear how to continuously improve – they’ll experience it.

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Our team-building training programs bring every team member into a Mission Planning exercise that highlights the impact of effective communication, on-the-spot leadership and team-wide collaboration.

With Afterburner consultants engaging side-by-side with your teams, we present challenges that force team members to rely on each other in order to succeed. They learn by doing as we train them in the protocols of elite military teams, empowering them to overcome the roadblocks to success that all businesses face.


In your Afterburner experience, your teams will use each of the four steps of Flawless Execution – including a Debrief, the final step in accelerating performance. These are tools that they can immediately apply to meet the challenges and threats of their turbulent business environment.

Here’s a quick overview of those four steps:


The Six Steps of Mission Planning is a simple, scalable planning process that creates alignment and accountability.


Clear and effective communication about the plan and expectations drives stronger execution.


Avoid the performance-draining effects of Task Saturation with proven tools used in high-stakes environments.


The Nameless, Rankless Debriefing process identifies lessons learned from your mission, so you can incorporate them into future planning.


A one-day, high energy Afterburner experience is the fastest route to building excitement and inspiring your team to perform at their best. Are you ready to start your Flawless Execution journey? Get in touch.