8 Reasons Why You Need Great Strategy and Execution


Whether your focus is leadership development, increasing sales volume, or motivating your team in a virtual environment, you and your team are likely facing new challenges to growing your business. We looked back at the most common challenges our clients are facing to create a list of the top 8 reasons your current strategy and execution are keeping you from long-term growth in the face of a global pandemic.

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Good Execution Strategy Is the Key to Performance

1. Team motivation could be higher

COVID has permanently reshaped the work-from-home landscape, leaving lasting changes in its wake, with the ongoing presence of shifted dynamics. These dynamics can impact your team’s motivation to maintain a high execution rhythm. Adopting a shared framework for execution can be the catalyst for inspiring individual contributors into a high-performing team with a mission-first attitude.

2. Performance improvement needs to happen in real-time

The only thing better than performance improvement is immediate performance improvement. The structured simplicity of the Flawless Execution℠ cycle allows for immediate application of combat-proven techniques to your biggest challenges: stronger plans, efficient execution, and team alignment.

3. Rapid changes threaten your success

Organizational changes, introductions of new technology, and shifts in strategy due to the effects of the shifting landscapes since the pandemic are only a few challenges that can have an impact on your team’s performance today. Transform this challenge into an opportunity by re-focusing your mission objectives, re-aligning on the next steps, and quickly iterating on lessons learned.

4. You see critical opportunities ahead

Every day presents new opportunities, and your organization must operate in a manner that allows for strategic pivots to capitalize on those opportunities when they arise. Our 90-Day Strategic Planning Programs provide an enterprise framework that supports your organization from strategy development to tactical, frontline execution. This program enables top-level strategy to cascade throughout your organization, establishing line-of-site alignment that drives long-term growth opportunities.

5. Applying lessons learned

There is something to be learned from every project or mission, but the most important part of capturing lessons learned is to share the information across all teams to accelerate the learnings of the entire organization. The debrief guides you through an exercise to assess the root causes of success and failures to determine gaps in your processes—at any level—and enables the simple transfer of Lessons Learned to address similar challenges before executing the next mission. This establishes a true enterprise approach, aligning tactical execution with strategic objectives, and accelerating organizational performance through iterative, scalable operations.

6. Agility isn’t your biggest strength

Heightened Situational Awareness, contingency preparation, and individually accountable actions, prepare your teams to mitigate the impact of the unknown during mission execution. Achieve this by starting each mission with a structured, collaborative planning session that includes a Red Team peer review session for additional insight on “what if’s” that may affect success. Briefing the plan before mission execution will ensure full-team alignment and contingency awareness. Regularly scheduled X-Gap sessions will provide the transparency needed to maintain your execution rhythm regardless of what contingencies occur.

7. You want to create a Bias to Action in your team

Empowering your team members to act with a bias to action in uncertain circumstances equips them to address issues sooner and capitalize on opportunities faster. Our planning framework is a collaborative approach designed to help your teams build stronger, more informed plans they can execute with confidence.

8. You have strong individual contributors working in silos

The secret to high-performing teams is an emphasis on “team.” Your individual contributors will never be effective if the collective effort of the team does not achieve the mission. The Flawless Execution℠ methodology provides a shared mental model for effective collaboration across different functional groups or regional teams.

Strategic Planning for a Post-Pandemic World

If your teams are experiencing these challenges, then it’s time for you to pivot your strategy. The goals we set before the pandemic and during the pandemic are no longer relevant. Our programs to adapt to the long-lasting changes and effects of COVID-19 will help you re-center your priorities and ensure long-term growth for your organization.

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