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Leadership development is one of the biggest challenges for organizations today—but it doesn’t have to be. The U.S. military is known for its ability to develop strong, effective leaders in a very short amount of time, all with a proven system for leadership development training.

With 500+ years of collective military leadership experience, our team will introduce the transformative principles of a proprietary leadership development model call Flawless Execution (FLEX). Designed to translate and augment the techniques of elite military leadership, FLEX will empower your individual contributors to increase engagement and accept more responsibility. Whatever your corporate leadership development initiatives are, we'll help you build stronger, more effective leaders who build stronger, more effective teams. Our FLEX leadership development training approach will show you the way to drive accountable action.




with the Afterburner team












"The impact that the Afterburner team building seminar had was incredible. Not only was it the highest rated segment of our annual meetings, but our store managers have begun to apply what they learned on a day-to-day basis. The Afterburner team building seminar received a standing ovation after every one of its programs. This has never happened before."

Director of Management Development


"The Afterburner team obviously spent an incredible amount of prep time getting to know our business and our competition. This enabled them to walk in speaking our language, which earned instant credibility with our senior leadership team. It opened the door to some great discussion around improving how we work together - the result of which has already made us a more effective team."



"I knew my mission was accomplished when I saw every one of my managers taking notes during your entire speech. The feedback following your presentation was equally satisfying. Many of our managers personally thanked me for bringing in your team building program, and are now planning to use you for their future events.


"Well, you did it again! The impact of your presentation made a big impression on all the senior managers in our company. The effects of your work for my division last year still lingers as our professional staff uses that experience in their day-to-day affairs." 

Senior Vice President












Leadership Development Training