[Upcoming Webinar] Improve Your Business Agility with Flawless Execution

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Afterburner Team

Improve Your Business Agility with Flawless Execution

Date: Thursday, October 26

Time: 1:30 pm ET

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Many individuals and organizations struggle with Agility, but you don’t have to be one of them! Join Tom “Mad Dog” Friend as he explains how to be successful and profitable in a turbulent business environment.

You will learn:

► The tools to balance organizational flexibility and stability.
► How to create and quickly respond to market change.
► Why a rapid response to market opportunities is increasingly more critical.

About the Speaker

Tom “Mad Dog” Friend is a retired military pilot and squadron commander. He is an accomplished Agile consultant with 24 years’ experience training and leading software development teams in various industries. Mad Dog is a distinguished graduate of Air War College and has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics. As an Afterburner Executive Consultant, Mad Dog teaches Flawless Execution to top organizations to turn their ideas into actionable plans.