[Webinar] Aligning Your Goals with the Team’s Corporate Mission


Aligning Your Goals with the Team’s Corporate Mission


In this Webinar:

Have you ever joined a new team in the middle of a mission where the goals and execution rhythm is already in place? In this webinar, Otis “Hoop” Hooper will talk about how to align with the team’s existing mission without losing sight of the HDD or your personal goals during the execution phase.

We Teach You How To:

► Incentivize yourself with your new team’s goals.
► Communicate your personal goals with your team.
► Align your goals with your teams and create mutual buy-in.

About the Speaker

Otis “Hoop” Hooper

Motivational Business Speaker
Hoop is a former C-40 VIP Airlift pilot and KC-135 Tanker Instructor Pilot with over 18 years of distinguished military service. After active duty, Hoop joined the D.C. Air National Guard where he was a Squadron Commander, a VIP Airlift Pilot, and the Director of Operations for the unit. As an Executive Consultant at Afterburner, Hoop uses his experiences in the military and his personal life to help businesses improve their operations as a motivational business speaker using the Flawless ExecutionSM Model.