Is Ongoing Training Included in your 2019 Strategy?


How many times do you think an NFL quarterback throws the same pass to the same wide receiver on the same route? Likely enough that they can do it with their eyes closed if they wanted to. Your business should operate the same way. You train the essential life skills that you have to use in your competitive environment until you can complete that pass with your eyes closed.

It’s all about solid, ongoing training. We’ve worked with thousands of Fortune 500 companies, and the companies who are truly successful are constantly training. They look at it as an opportunity to sustain their competitive advantage.

The point of ongoing training is to not only sharpen the skills of your employees and keep their minds fresh but to also put yourself in a position to jump ahead of the pack. When your team is at their peak performance, you move faster, you react quicker, and maybe you do something that has never been done before.

Why ongoing training needs to be included in your strategy this year:

  1. Your environment is always changing.
  2. Consumer demands are always shifting.
  3. Technology is always advancing.
  4. Being reactive instead of proactive to change will make you fall behind.
  5. Innovation stems from those with fine-tuned essential skills.

When preparation meets opportunity, success is inevitable – but only when every member of the team is prepared and trained accordingly. It’s the old 100-80-80 rule. As a leader, you have 100% of the knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication, but the person under you can at most have just 80% of that knowledge, enthusiasm, and dedication. The person below that, only 80% of the person above. It dilutes quickly – but ongoing training is what’s going to bring everyone up to par.

If you’re not sure how to equip your team with proper ongoing training, reach out to us here. Our consultants are experts at building cohesive teams, spurring innovation, and developing competitive advantage – just what you need to kickstart your year the right way.