The Value of Military Leadership Development & Experience In Turbulent Business Environments


In today’s turbulent business environment, every leader should be concerned about how well his or her organization executes and how well it adapts to change. Execution has been on the list of top concerns of CEOs for years now. Still, rapid adaptability and a high execution rhythm during chaos are more critical now than they have been in recent years.

What’s the secret to executing in turbulent business environments and propelling an organization to the next level? Many attributes contribute to an organization’s success, but there is an often forgotten element that has gained increasing attention in the past few years. A powerful means of achieving success among your team is to infuse your organization with military leadership development & experience.

Executing and Winning in Turbulent Business Environments

The ability to make decisions and act when faced with new challenges and limited information is the skill possessed by those with military leadership experience. Whether these leaders fly military aircraft, navigate combat ships or lead combat troops in Afghanistan or Iraq, their daily lives depend upon solving problems and executing their decisions under constantly changing turbulent environments. These are also the skills necessary for business leaders. The military demonstrates the value of translating strategy into action, supported by debriefing, capturing lessons learned from past missions, executing during turbulent environments, contingency planning, and more, that when applied to business are the secret to creating lasting success during periods of uncertainty. When leaders build their teams around the foundations of planning, briefing, executing, and debriefing, they will experience the structure and discipline that generates lasting ROI.

Prepare for Turbulent Business Environments

Every business can benefit from these military principles that are proven to be effective on the battlefield and in the boardroom. In light of the current economic turbulence leadership that possesses abilities to plan and set goals, communicate, and motivate others are more critical than ever. Flawless Execution is the methodology that takes these military practices and applies them to the pain points that leaders and teams have experienced in both peacetime and wartime.




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