Set Your Team up to Win this Year


Setting your team up to win in a dynamic environment, regardless of what’s thrown your way, is what’s going to carry your team flawlessly across the finish line this year. Remember, the business environment is dynamic and volatile. Even with all of those hours spent preparing for the year, preparation without continuous improvement will only take your team so far.

To win in a dynamic environment you must accelerate the experience of your team.

There’s a proven process that leads to flawless execution. One that’s been tested and continuously keeps fighter pilots winning. We’ve seen it work in Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and in thousands of businesses – and it’s time to take it to yours.

How to Set Your Team up to Win


Before you do anything, you should always plan the mission. Now, you may think, “we’ve already created our strategy for the year, what else could we possibly have left to plan?” In business, your strategy is the underlying structure of each individual ‘mission.’ Each smaller, but extremely important project is going to need adequate planning in order to tackle it properly.


Once you have a plan, you brief that plan to all of the mission participants. Briefings take place right before your teams execute in order to ensure that no one has any questions as to what is expected from him or her, or questions as to how the plan will be executed. Basically, it fills in any holes in the plan before you come across them.


You know where you’re going, where you’ve been, where you are, and what you’re going to do next, right down to the second. With proper planning and briefing, you’ll be executing your mission as if they were memorized lines.


The most important, enduring, and institutional step to winning this year is the debrief. Debriefing is what allows your team to grow in mind and strength. Since debriefing is done in a nameless, rankless environment, everyone is able to freely admit and examine errors or acknowledge success. With free communication, you’re able to learn from various perspectives on how you can improve the next time around.


The key to crossing that end-of-the-year mark 12 months from now is as simple as this: after the debrief, after the moment you mark an end to one mission, you start planning for the next. That’s the secret to winning. You never leave the Flawless Execution cycle, you just move from one mission to another.

Setting your team up to win can be tricky, but that’s why we’re here to help!

We leverage the same principles of teamwork, accountability, and continuous learning that we utilized in our military careers to WIN when the chips were down, the stakes were high, and failure was not an option. Reach out to us here to get your team ready to conquer the year!